Loan Shark is a 1952 film noir directed by Seymour Friedman and starring George Raft , Dorothy Hart and Paul Stewart . [2]


An ex-con avenges his brother-in-law’s death by infiltrating vicious loan rackets.


  • George Raft as Joe Gargen
  • Dorothy Hart as Ann Nelson
  • Paul Stewart as Lou Donelli
  • John Hoyt as Vince Phillips
  • Helen Westcott as Martha Gargen Haines
  • Henry Slate as Paul Nelson
  • Russell Johnson as Charlie Thompson
  • Margia Dean as Ivy
  • Benny Baker as Tubby
  • Lawrence Dobkin as Walter Kerr


The film was based on an original script by Martin Rackin. [3] He originally wrote it for producer Louis Edelman at Warner Bros. in 1949. [4]

It was the first production from a new arrangement between Robert Lippert and Famous Artists Corporation whereby customers of Famous Artists would make a film, and Lippert would distribute it. Lipper said he was willing to give away up to 75% of the profits to make the films more attractive to talent, in view of the dwindling B market. The writer, producer and director all had a piece of the film. [5] [6]

Gail Russell was the first person to write a book. Raft was paid $ 25,000 plus 25% of the profits. [1]

Filming started January 15, 1952.


Critical response

The Los Angeles Times said the film “will probably fill the bill for those who like this vigorous straight away from action film. [7]

The New York Times called it “standard fare” which is not particularly hard to take. “Loft Shark,” while at the same time, could not be a lot worse. “For once, Mr. Raft’s tight-lipped suavity seems perfectly in order …” [8]

Film critic Dennis Schwartz panned the movie, writing, “A lifeless thriller about an ex-convict trying to smash a brutal loan-shark racket.” Sappy dialogue, an awful plot, and unimaginative directing by Seymour Friedman, make this hardly believable crime story fizzle The Thriller is a film directed by John Raft, a film about the Hollywood star, which is a series of short stories about his life. In the final shootout scene in a shadowy theater.It had nothing to say about crime or the workforce.The script leaves the impression that all the parties concerned to the same time [ 9]


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