Student loans and grants in France are Primarily provided by the government through the Regional Center of University and School (CROUS), year public institution of administrative nature . The CROUS is responsible for Student Finance France. Most undergraduate university students in France are eligible for student loans.


Grants are provided based on family or individual resources. Most students are entitled to a minimum grant.

Tuition fees

Tuition Fees at state universities.

Means tested higher education grants

This type of grant is targeted at those parents who have low income. The eligibility of the student is a matter of fact. [1] If the student is not entitled to a higher weight of 33150 euros / year (in 2014) then the minimum grant will be paid out (€ 1000). The grant maximum (€ 550 / month) is only payable if a family Has No returned gold Achieves The Highest rating and: has a revenue of under 21,500 euros / year [2] Approximately 30% of students are Entitled to a means clustering tested grant [3 ]

Other grants

Merit-based assistance

These grants are given to those students who are entitled to a high-grade grant and have achieved high academic achievement in the last year of bachelor’s degree. The grant is 200 euros / month (for nine months) [4]

Assistance to independent young persons

This grant is designed to help students who can not afford parental support (separation, divorce or death). [5] The grant ranges from 4000 euros annually to 5000 euros annually. Approximately 7,000 students received this type of grant in 2013.

International mobility assistance

This grant is paid as a supplement to the subsidized grant and is 400 euros per month for up to 9 months for a student attending a recognized foreign university as part of his or her studies.

Emergency assistance

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our newly renovated family home. The annual amount ranges from 1650 euros to 4735 euros.

Student loans

Students are eligible for state-guaranteed loans of up to 15,000 euros at a low interest rate. 70% of the amount is guaranteed 10 years by the state. The loans are granted by commercial banks and require a further guarantee for the remaining 30%. [6]

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