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Warehouse line of credit

A warehouse line of credit is a credit line used by mortgage bankers . It is a short-term revolving credit facility extended by a financial institution to a mortgage loan originator for the funding of mortgage loans….


Value-in-use is the net present value (NPV) of a cash flow or other benefit….

USDA home loan

A USDA home loan from the USDA loan program, Also Known As the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program, [1] is a mortgage loan offert to rural property owners by the United States Department of Agriculture….

Streamline refinancing

Streamline refinancing process. By reusing the original loan’s paperwork, the process to refinance a home was reduced from a few months to only a few weeks. Streamline refinancing has become more popular because reuse of the original home’s appraisal may be the only way anyone can refinance it at all….

Strategic default

A strategic decision-making by a borrower to stop making payments (ie, to default )….

Stock loan quasi-mortgage

A stock loan quasi-mortgage is a form of securities lending That uses stocks, bonds, mutual funds , or other eligible securities as the effective guarantee for a personal credit line used for the purchase of a home, investment in real estate , gold for Some (Eg, short-term finance, downpayments). Stock loan quasi-mortgages are typically in the form of a simple credit line, with interest-only…

Singapore Swap Offer Rate (SOR)

Singapore Swap Offer Rate (SOR) is “the expected forward exchange rate between the US dollar and Singapore dollar.” And is simply the rate that one would have to pay in US dollars….


SIBOR stands for Singapore Interbank Offered Rate [1] and SIBOR stands for Singapore Interbank Offered Rate [1] and is a daily reference rate based on the interest rates at which banks offer unsecured funds to other banks in the Singapore wholesale money market (or interbank market ). It is similar to the widely used LIBOR ( London Interbank Offered Rate ), and Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate). Using SIBOR is more common in the Asian region and set by the Association of Banks in…

Ship mortgage

In a ship mortgage , a shipowner gives a lender (or mortgage) an interest in a. Similar to other kinds of mortgage , a ship mortgage Legally Consists of three parts: the mortgage loan, the mortgage documents (deed) and the rights derived from the mortgage deed onto money lender . Ship mortgages differ from other types of mortgage in three ways. First, some privileged claims could…

Shared appreciation mortgage

A shared appreciation mortgage or SAM is a mortgage in which the lender agrees as part of the loan to accept some or all payment in the form of a share of the increase of value of the property….